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Locate Skip Trace – Basic

Orange County Private Investigator, offers extensive skip tracer services, as well as background checks, surveillance and process services. Our firm maintains the most accurate, up-to-date nationwide information, databases, and private resources available. Our seasoned skip tracers utilize our vast resources and incomparable experience to provide you with the highest quality results on tracing your subject throughout California or anywhere in the world.

A skip tracer, as the name implies, traces people who have skipped town. Through public records searches, detective work and the occasional surveillance assignment, Orange County Private Investigator’s Orange County-based skip tracers find those who don’t want to be found. Finding a skip can be relatively straightforward, but it can also be as complex as untangling a web of false identities and dummy corporations. Our skip tracer services also help clients locate and recover money or property.

Skips can be divided into three general groups. There are accidental or unintentional skips, people who miss bill payments or suddenly move residences. There are frightened skips, people who are in debt and feel they have to hide from their creditors. And there are deliberate skips, people who engage in fraud. Our methodical skip tracer services can locate all three types.

To begin a skip tracer investigation, in California or out-of-state, we will need the subject’s legal name, his or her last-known address, and third piece of identification, which can include date of birth, Social Security Number or driver’s license number.

If someone in your life, whether a relative, tenant or business associate appears to be missing, you can find them with the skip tracer services offered by Orange County Private Investigator For more information, call us toll free at (714) 732-3515 or email us today.

Fee: $175.00* – $250.00*
Fee charged regardless of results
Approximate turnaround time: 3 – 10 working days.

* The above fees are quoted for California only. Prices vary for other states. Email us for a quote or call toll free at (714) 732-3515

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