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Employee Theft

Interview and Interrogation


If you are having issues discovering the truth, Orange County Private Investigator can assist you in getting answers you need from those with zipped lips.

Orange County Private Investigator, an Orange County Private Investigator, has the experience to get those who may know something to express that information. Sometimes just asking doesn’t work. Our investigation process includes three major tools, which include: instrumentation, information, and interview & interrorgation.

  • Instrumentation process will be the elimination process that is determind by what has been analyzed against what has been collected as physical evidence. This can lead to the apprehension of a suspect.
  • The information process is when all gathered information about those involved is analyzed and used to determine who will be interviewed & interrogated.
  • The interview and interrogation process is very important when there is not real evidence in a case. It is the process that normally delievers the most results.

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