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Employee Theft


Is employee theft costing your business money? How much of your hard earned profits are sneaking out the back door? Do your employees steal money or inventory, or are they stealing by being paid for not working? Orange County Private Investigator can investigate, identify and stop employee theft . Being aware of what is going on can save you countless dollars, not to mention time and peace of mind.

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According to the United States Chamber of Commerce, employees are 15 times more likely to steal from your business than non-employees, and estimates that employee theft costs businesses up to forty billion dollars per year. You can cut your losses and see that the law is upheld by enlisting Orange County Private Investigator to investigate possible employee theft . Whether it’s something as simple as honesty testing to screen out problem applicants and employees, or something as complex as a full-blown property recovery criminal investigation , Orange County Private Investigator or Orange County, CA has the resources and experience to get the job done.

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