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Company Profile

Orange County Private Investigator is Orange County’s premier private investigation agency. As a full-service private investigation firm, we bring to you over 93 years of combined investigative experience in family law, computer forensics, process service, asset searches, civil and criminal cases, employee theft, missing persons and business litigation cases. From our state-of-the-art audio and video forensic lab, our expert technical surveillance counter-measure investigators and computer forensic experts lead high-tech, successful investigations.

We are here to serve your investigative needs.

Our cases range from child custody, spousal and child support issues, missing persons, bug sweeps, unfair business competition violations, employee theft, process service, and child abduction cases. To see view our Services Page click here.

Orange County Private Investigator serves the general public, small business, corporations, law firms, and government agencies.

Experience and Education

Our extensive experience means our clients can rest assured their cases will be handled by seasoned investigative professionals. All our investigators specialize in at least one area of investigative work. They are all cross-trained to work in one another’s specialties. We believe in continuing education for all staff members, in the classroom and in the field. Our investigators meet and exceed minimum continuing education requirements, as set forth by the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), the National Association of Investigative Specialists, and the Board of Certified Investigative Specialists.

In our drive to be the best, we maintain strict hiring standards. All our investigators must hold a college degree, and have a minimum five years’ investigation experience. Most have more. We train and retrain our staff on interviewing, interrogation techniques and forensic skills. We demand strong industry and personal references. Our investigators pass a written examination, and also undergo a rigorous background check much like that used by law enforcement agencies.

Our Team

Our team includes five full-time field investigators; an expert in computer, audio and video forensics; two office support staff, professional researchers, an office manager, and the Director of Investigations.

Our Director brings many years of investigative experience to the table, including over a decade and a half in professional law enforcement.

Ours is a fact-finding business. Results matter. So Orange County Private Investigator focuses on fact-gathering, fact analysis and fact reporting. Our focus is on where it matters most—in the courtroom. Our investigations are conducted in accord with the requirements of the California Family Code, Civil Code, Evidence Code and Code of Civil Procedure. Our focus is ALWAYS on obtaining, analyzing and preserving evidence admissible in court.

Discreet, Reliable, Effective

proven results by proven experienced professionals, one valued client at a time!

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