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Welcome to Orange County Private Investigator

Orange County Private Investigator

Orange County Private Investigator, is a licensed full service private investigation agency. We service Private Clients, Law Offices, Business, and Governmental Agencies through out Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. We also service other areas upon special request.

Our Private Investigators are trained in Family Law, Cheating Spouse, Child Custody, Child Support, Missing Persons, and Civil Litigation cases, to name a few. To view a list of services we offer click here.

Using sophisticated investigative techniques, incorporated with the latest technology and our street-smart investigative experience, our clients can be assured they will receive Professional Investigative Services from Orange County Private Investigator.

Many of our cases have been featured on National Television Shows, Radio Talk Shows, and in Leading Newspapers throughout the country.

All cases are handled with the strictest of confidence and the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Click here to read our Client Privacy Statement.

If results matter to you, then Orange County Private Investigator is your first choice to service all your investigative needs.

Discreet, Reliable, Effective
– proven results by proven experienced professionals, one valued client at a time!

We service all Southern California Areas.
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