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Due Diligence Locate

If you’re in need of a Orange County due diligence locate for service of process by publication, we can accommodate your request. All work is done by a licensed investigator. We exercise due diligence by making the necessary search requirements to locate the defendant per the methods available in the Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) 415.10 – 415.50.

A Orange County due diligence locate search is required for all courts. The search includes Registrar of Voters, real and personal property assessment rolls and telephone directories. Some courts also require a Department of Motor Vehicles search and a postal authorities search. This declaration must be done under the penalty of perjury.

In some situations, the court may require a due diligence declaration from the process server, private investigator or private detective showing his attempts and the reasons for lack of service (such as the address for the defendant is not valid or the defendant is evading service).

Due Diligence Locate Fee: Call for Quote. Turnaround time: 1 to 3 working days

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