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Polygraph/Lie Detector Testing


What is a polygraph?

The Poygraph test is used to measure a persons honesty towards specific and well calculated questions. As you may already know, a person is connected to a polygraph test, lie detector, and then asked a series of questions that are simple such as name, address, and age. With those results they can determine what a person connected to the lie detector response is when telling the truth. Those responses will be measure against the responses given to the questions in which the truth is required.

Although the polygraph test is given results in itself, what is the need for a private investigator?

It is the task of the private investigator to ensure that the person connected to it isn’t using predetermined answers or plans to beat the polygraph test. Although the subject may have a preplanned story in their mind, the private investigator can overcome any tricks that may have been pre-planned.

More importantly, the private investigator can take the results and investigate the truth in detail. Thus the answers given, weither true or false, can then be followed up with an investigation to identify the turth and what is necessary rathar than just simply getting polygraph results.

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