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Background Investigation

Pre-Employment Background Checks

You already recognize the importance of hiring qualified, responsible individuals to represent your organization. You may also know that applicant screening can turn into a full-time job of paperwork management, phone calls and follow-up. What you may not realize is how easy it is to check the qualifications and background of an individual before you hire him or her. Our pre-employment background checks can help.

Outsourcing pre-employment background checks to Orange County Private Investigator saves you time and money, adds seasoned expertise, and offers legal protection under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Did you also know that a pre-employment background screening might be your safeguard against a negligent hiring lawsuit?

Orange County Private Investigator is a single-source solution to the pre-employment background check needs of thousands of clients nationwide. We have built experience and expertise since 1988 to give you the most accurate, current and compliant information available. Orange County Private Investigator is priced competitively within the industry. Our fast turn-around of 1 to 3 days on pre-employment background checks enables you to hire the right person, quickly.

Pre-Employment Background Check Fee: Call for quote
Approximate turnaround time: 1 – 3 days

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