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“Orange County Private Investigator has outstanding service. You are a blessing to us. You worked very hard to get the evidence we needed for our case, you did it quickly, efficiently, honestly, & patiently. Not once did you put any more stress on the situation by downplaying the situation or giving us unsolicited recommendations. You were upfront and honest we appreciate your service and would highly recommend you to anyone.
Feel free to use us as a reference anytime.”
– Andrea M.

“We would like to thank you for all your hard work in helping us get custody of David. Your investigation skills helped our little boy have a stable home for the first time in life.”
– Tamera J.

“Always reliable, dependable, and professional”
– Mark Galyean, Attorney at Law

“When Judge Miller said your work and integrity was second to none, we couldn’t have agreed with her more !”
– Bill C.

“Keith is great at case strategizing and executing his investigations”
– Randy Woolford, Attorney at Law

“My wife took my children and hid them for me out of state. You and your investigators found her and my children. I can’t thank you guys enough for your professionalism and hard work”
– David H.

“Obtaining evidence and proving the facts is what Orange County Private Investigator is good at”
– William Bartels, Attorney at Law

“Our daughter and her friend ran away from home. Orange County Private Investigator found her and her friends in Pahrump, NV four days later.”
– Ben & Kathy C.

“Our law firm uses Orange County Private Investigator for all of our investigative needs”
– Michael Kushner, Attorney at Law

“After paying $3,300.00 a month in spousal support for over 5 years, you were able to prove my ex-wife was and had been living with her boyfriend for almost that whole time. With the evidence obtained by Orange County Private Investigator I no longer have to pay her”
– Randy F.

“Our client’s husband was concealing his assets under fictitious business names and shell corporations. Orange County Private Investigator was able to identify those businesses and locate the money. This is why we only use Orange County Private Investigator.”