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The use of unmanned aerial vehicles “Drones”


At Orange County Private Investigator our investigators have been implementing the use of drones on cases where aerial reconnaissance is required due to a host of reasons such as restricted pedestrian and vehicle access. Here at OCPI, we have been using UAVs for over seven years and use some of the best equipment in the industry. Our investigators have law enforcement training in aerial observation and spotting and have hundreds of hours of aerial flight experience with our UAVs and have been able to gather information for our clients that would have gone otherwise unseen by the ground eyes.

In today’s world the advances in UAV technology has given us as investigators an open door into what is impossible to see by ground. This gives us the ability to gather crucial data and evidence related to your case. Bottom line, we document people, places, events and many other things. Such uses of our UAVs are:

  1. Surveillance
  2. Infidelity matters
  3. Real Estate issues and disputes
  4. Insurance fraud and claims
  5. Civil litigation
  6. Business activity
  7. Verification of assets
  8. Documentation and search for stolen equipment and property
  9. Missing Person
  10. General photography

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