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Employee Theft

Covert Camera System

Don’t let them know you’re watching, and get the evidence you need to prove misconduct in the workplace.

Companies, and individuals, everyday experience misconduct of their products, personal items, and workplace. These situations can be avoided once a company or individual begins to prove that they are no longer willing to stand for it. Orange County Private Investigator, an Orange County Private Investigator, has the technology to help you set up a convert camera system that will allow examine and obtain evidence of such misconduct.

Companies can save when they protect their products from employee theft or intentional destruction. With a properly installed covert camera system set up in the areas where the theft is most likely to occur, and employer can weed out all of those that have intent to steal or vandalize their products or facility.

Additionally, Orange County Private Investigator can provide interviews and interrogations to obtain possible knowledge of employee theft.

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