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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Orange County Private Investigator Warns of Cellular Phone Bugging


Here is a new problem for cell phone users! Just when you thought you were safe. Orange County Private Investigator, Kieth Gooselaw a Certified Family Law Investigator of Orange County Private Investigator warns his clients all the time that their cellar phones are not as safe as they think they are.

Spouses (or anyone for that matter) are bugging their spouses cellular phones with monitoring software that can record the numbers you call, e-mail you send and receive, monitor your exact location, and even worse, they can record your telephone conversation. This all happens without your knowledge. You may think “who cares” they still have to have my phone to retrieve the data they have been illegally recording. Think again my friend. Your phone will send out an e-mail via the internet connection on your phone and you’ll never know it.

Software designers like are making millions of dollars in sales with this supper sleuth spy-ware. How is this legal you ask. Its not or is it? Here in California it’s not. This would fall under wiretapping laws as well as a dozen other criminal and civil laws. “This is a growing problem. We have been able to detect this type of software on our client’s smart phones and in some cases we have found it installed in regular cell phones as well.” said Gooselaw. Just imagine the type of intelligence that can be gained on some unexpected person whose phone has been “bugged” with this software.

Why would someone put this spy-ware on your phone? Here are a few reasons: Child Custody cases, Proving a Parent to be Unfit as the Primary Custodial Parent and list can go on and on. With all of this modern-day hi-tech abilities, the real question should be Who’s Spying on You?

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